Instructions for Easy - No Fuss Installation


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Note: The tapes for the vehicle window are shipped engaged to those on the saver.


Take care when disengaging the tapes for installation as those attached to the saver

itself may have had minimal curing time. Pay particular attention to where the tapes

are located on the saver as there are size differences (see diagram on back)

Do not touch adhesive on tapes, handle by using the edges only

In order to keep cost down minimal spare tapes are included and additional tapes will

incur additional costs.


1.             Thoroughly clean window, a good dish washing detergent will do, then rinse well

Buff glass to ensure all cleaner residue is removed

Pay particular attention to the edges at the rubber


Do Not Remove Backing of the Tape


2.             Place Rear Window Saver® over rear screen/s and mark the location for the tapes on the glass.

3.             Disengage the tapes for the glass from the saver tapes. Gently does it as the tapes attached to the saver

may have had minimal curing time.

4.             Peel off the backing tape and carefully align the tape along the edge of the glass marked out previously.

This is high tack material and gives only one chance to get it right.

5.             Complete all other tapes.

6.             Compress all tapes on windows with firm finger pressure only to ensure maximum bond.


Note:  Repeat firm finger pressure occasionally throughout the curing period

To provide optimum bonding, if possible, do not attach Rear Window Saver® to window for 24 hours

7.             After 24 hours remove the protective backing from the Rear Window Saver® and attach to the vehicle by engaging the saver tapes with those on the glass. A firm push will do.

Job Finished


Rear Window Saver® Removal

Although the bonding properties of the tapes are exceptional, a little care when removing the saver will ensure a long life.

If possible, in excessive heat, remove the saver in the cooler part of the day, this allows the adhesive to stiffen.

Place fingers under top edge and remove from horizontal tabs, then unlock each side working from the top to bottom, ease off lower edges and remove.



The Rear Window Saver® will scratch therefore the use of the rear wiper is not recommended.

A little care when cleaning, by hosing off surface grime etc. first, will help maintain the sheet surface.


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